Developer Journal Task: Sustainability Post

Sustainability through Games

The goal of sustainability on a product is to reduce the use of hazardous materials and to be more energy efficient. This can range from a multitude of products from phones to data centres. As billions of people rely on many electronic devices nowadays, it is important to consider the effects it can have on our environment – this term is often referred to as ‘Green Computing’.

“The goals of green computing are similar to green chemistry: reduce the use of hazardous materials, maximize energy efficiency during the product’s lifetime, the recyclability or biodegradability of defunct products and factory waste.”

(Wikipedia, 2020)

As gaming is a popular form of entertainment, developers have started making games with a stronger consideration for sustainability through interactive media. Google’s interactive game ‘YOUR PLAN, YOUR PLANET’ helps users to track their weekly waste at home as well as providing tips on saving money and conserving energy use.

(Maeve Campbell, 2019)

The game is split into four sections which help the user navigate different areas within their home – Each of these segments tie into typical daily household routines and asks the user questions on how they use up energy within these segments, afterwards they are then assessed on these results.

“Each informative segment is engaging, easy to understand but best of all – realistic. These are all tips we can incoporate into our daily household routines.”

(Maeve Campbell, 2019)

As this information is presented in a simple and concise manner, it may help to encourage its audience to try and become more eco-friendly. The game’s interactivity helps to gear it towards a younger audience as well as making it feel more engageable and fun.

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